Tuesday, March 19, 2013

We are Just Like God - NOT!

This post was inspired from a Facebook post I made which was "Let's not forget Satan always wants us to think we can be gods. Gn. 3:3" The motivation for this little piece of wisdom has been an increasing awareness that many prosperity preachers teach that we are little gods. This makes sense since these same preachers say we can speak into existence what we want just like God Almighty can speak creation into existence. We are warned by the apostle Paul to be aware of doctrines of demons. (1 Tm. 4:1)

Now one person thought enough of the post to offer a rebuttal. He writes, "According to Psalm 82:6, We are gods and sons of the MOST HIGH because we were originally made in the image and after the likeness of God (Imagodei). What Satan wanted to do was to stop us from depending on God. That we are images of God should not stop us from depending on Him"

Can you believe it? Of course we should depend on God. But we are not gods. The word 'son' can best be rendered children and we are children of God but only by adoption! (Rm. 8:15, Rm. 8:23, Rom. 9:4, Gal. 4:5, Eph. 1:5) Now really, what was Satan doing in the Garden of Eden? He was tempting Eve saying, 'You will not surely die. For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.' (Gen. 3:5-6) Here is the first temptation from the devil, to be like God. Hence, when a preacher like Creflo Dollar or Joyce Meyers says we are gods, well just remember where that lie came from.

I responded to this young man's bold assertion with the following. And here you will need your bible:

Let's take a close look at Ps. 82. It is not about you. It's about local rulers, judges. In Hebrew the word 'el' can be used for a ruler who makes judgements on behalf of God. (See Romans 13) The first verse reminds the judges of the obvious. God judges among the judges. In verse 2 God is asking the judges why they are showing partiality to the wicked. In verses 3 & 4 He commands they give justice to the poor & weak. Verse 5 could mean the weak & poor need help with the law or perhaps the judges themselves are ignorant because of their sin. Verse 6 is not addressed to you but to these judges. An understanding of Hebrew poetry is helpful here. Hebrew poetry uses parallelisms. So the line I said you are gods is parallel to nevertheless like men you shall die & sons of the most high is parallel to and fall like any prince. In other words, you local rulers are just men! Verse 8 is a plea to God Almighty to judge the earth as God is Lord of all!

Taking a verse out of context is not a faithful reading of Scripture! And is dangerous!

I then revisited the fall of mankind!

Now let's look at The Fall. God created us created beings. Only Jesus is the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD! We are like the clay jar a potter makes. We are not the potter but a creation of the potter. See Romans 9. Satan cannot tell the truth. What he said was that Adam & Eve would become like God if they ate the fruit. Therefore, he was lying. They at the fruit and died spiritually. We are dead spiritually until we are born again. But we do not become gods. This is Satan's lie!

That was the final word of this dialogue. Without a proper theology we are doomed. The creeds explicitly state Jesus is the only begotten Son of God. Only means only. By the grace of God we have received the 'spirit' of adoption. (Rm. 8:15) We recognize God as our Father. But it is not because we have the same nature as God.  Without the understanding of original sin, then we surely believe our nature is uncorrupted and we have no idea why we need a redeemer. And all of this will lead us to hell which is why this 'little gods' theology is a doctrine of demons authored by Satan!

Unfortunately, to be honest, prosperity/word of faith churches are not unique in this heresy. Any denomination that emphasizes works over grace believe our purpose is to become like god!