Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jesus is the Answer to Islam, Bhuddists, Hindus and CHRISTIANS!

With all the news in the USA regarding the proposed mosque/community center at Ground Zero, I thought it worthwhile to remind all of us (whoever us might be) what sets Christianity apart from other religions. But first let me say that as an American, the denial of the mosque being built will challenge the legality of such a decision under the Bill of Rights. This article is about what makes Christianity different from other religions. Having said that, let me say also that most Christians do not know what Christianity is about.

All non-Christian religions are systems of works righteousness. Do this and that and you will escape suffering, have a better life in the future, be rewarded, etc. And yes, many TV preachers who call themselves Christian appear to espouse the same! Christianity is really about what one person has done for those who believe in Him. It is not one more organization with buildings and ritual. Jesus is the object of our worship not because he makes sense when it is convenient to our particular needs but he has saved us from that fiery demise promised to all sinners. And we are all sinners. My membership in a church does not save me from that demise! Jesus teaches us that no one is good. (Mark 10:18) Later Jesus also teaches us we cannot save ourselves. That impossible feat is left to God. (Mark 10:27) Hence, we need to understand who we are in relationship to Jesus and His death upon the cross. When we scream at people (an act of violence on a smaller scale) we force them to see us as an enemy. And when we force people to see us rather than Jesus who alone is to be glorified, we are guilty of idolatry for we make ourselves more important than the one who does all the work in our lives. Jesus came to change our hearts. This is done by hearing the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. We deserve punishment for all our sins and by His death upon the cross, Jesus has saved me from deserved judgement. As King David says in Psalm 51, The sacrifice pleasing to God is a broken spirit. God, You will not despise a broken and humbled heart. (17) A changed heart results from an experience of God's mercy. We cannot earn our way into paradise. The way is narrow and only God can change us through His grace. This is true for all people including Chrisitans in name only! Faith in Christ comes from hearing the Gospel. Not proclaiming who is right. ( Romans 10:14-21)