Friday, April 9, 2010

Can We Believe Anything We Want?

Can we believe anything we want? If we can, then we are the creator of our belief. If each one of us who is not perfect by any means created whatever belief we wanted in order to order our world, then we claim ourselves as the final authority. Let's look at this logically.

All humans have their own personal beliefs.
All Humans are not perfect nor eternal.
Thus, all human beliefs are not perfect nor eternal.

If we can believe anything we want, then why just limit our subjective beliefs to religion? Why not apply them to other disciplines like mathmatics. Perhaps I choose to believe that 2+2=16 rather than 4. What would happen to my checkbook if I maintained this belief? Religious beliefs are the same way. It does matter how we believe. And who, what and where is our authority in determining our right beliefs?

We, humans are not perfect nor did we make ourselves. Hence, we must seek the knowledge of the one true God as revealed in the person of Jesus Christ!