Friday, October 30, 2009

The Difference between Vampires and Saints!

This Halloween I thought I would examine two symbols of the overlapping histories of these Feast Days that make up Halloween and All Saints Day. Traditional Christians will know that Halloween is a contraction of All Hallows Eve which is the day before the feast of the Holy Ones or All Saints Day. And what greater contrast can one draw than between vampires and saints.

Saints of course means people who have been consecrated for God or made holy for His purpose. One does not have to be dead to be a saint. One does have to be once living and now dead to be a vampire. Vampires are referred to as the walking dead! So let us look at the differences of these two symbols.

A vampire shuns daylight. They work in the dark. Saints let their light shine so that others may see their good work and glorify their Father in Heaven.

Vampires cannot look upon a cross. Saints look to the Cross!

Vampires cannot see their reflection in a mirror. Saints read Scripture to get a true reflection of themselves in the light of God's Holy Word.

Vampires suck the blood from the living. Saints draw strength from the Blood of Christ. Let us look at this last point more thoroughly.

Have you known anyone who saps your strength when you are around them? They are so needy that you sigh when you hear their name as if they are sucking your life out of you. That's right! I believe vampires walk among us today. If you are spiritually dead, you are a vampire. "Let the dead bury the dead", Jesus says. We are all called to draw our life from Christ. If we don't we will draw life from others. People who do things in secret are using darkness to cover their acts. Have you known anyone who is always name-calling or making accusations against someone else. A Christian is reflective and will examine the log in their eye and remove it but offering judgement. Because vampires cannot see themselves, St. Paul's admonishment that when we judge others we judge ourselves makes no sense!

So this Halloween, let us look at ourselves in the light of Scripture and consecrate our life to God!