Thursday, July 23, 2009

This link was a tweet I received this afternoon upon my return from my walk. Loving Others Through Difficult Times...Taking Christianity Into the World HIS CPA

Mr. Dillard's word spoke to me as I wrestle with the same feelings that his letter writer is struggling with. I know the Phillipians passage and it is a difficult one especially when others are unforgiving and arrogant. But what I want to speak to is the timeliness of this piece.

This has been a strange week for me. Some events in the time-space continuum have been very edifying. After a weekend of getting Josh of on a plane for a trip halfway around the world without any complications, prayer gatherings have been holy and conversations have been good. But in the in-between times when I am alone, I have been bombarded by feelings and imaginations that are not of God. They hearken back to old wounds. I pray and read Scripture that I hope will change my thinking to be more of the mind of Christ. (Phillipians 2:5)And then I beat myself up when a godly mind does not come to the for! Satan loves that part the best, I'm sure! So what does Mr. Dillard's message say to me?

It says God, the Father, has not been far off. In this time-space continuum, he will bring a witness from another godly human to remind me I am on the right track. Others have gone through these dark thoughts as well and can help me from their learnings. Taking up our cross means forgiving others for they know not what they do - even if it means I have to do it 490 times! I pray that these words have been heard by you and especially by anyone who has been going through a dark night of the soul as well!